PROFINET Communication Interface for Fast and Simple FloTron™ Integration

Industrial communication interface offers major time and cost reductions due to fast and straightforward integration of Nova Fabrica’s FloTron™ PEM Reactive Gas Control systems.

Ignalina, Lithuania - April 11, 2016 - Nova Fabrica are pleased to announce release of an industrial PROFINET communication interface for FloTron™.

After intensive development effort Nova Fabrica now offer PROFINET – a fast Ethernet-based industrial communication interfaces with baud rates of 100M and beyond; PROFINET communication interface can be installed as an optional feature on all FloTron™ Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM) and Reactive Gas Control systems.

The new interface offers major time and cost reductions due to fast and straightforward integration. Current experience shows that an integration time can be cut by more than 50%, as compared to integration of similar products using DLLs provided by other original reactive gas control system manufacturers. PROFINET interface can therefore drastically lower the out-of-pocket expenditure as well as reduce substantially sputtering system development effort.

Since PROFINET is an industry standard communication interface, no highly customized programming work is needed to integrate FloTron™ in industrial communication networks. As a result, FloTron™ systems become a component in the overall automation task that can be integrated in a familiar way just like the majority of other components (e.g. power supplies, pumps, etc.) and sub-systems commonly found in advanced PVD coating plants.

The CEO of Nova Fabrica Ltd., Dr Martynas Audronis feels that this latest development is one of the many continuous improvement steps at Nova Fabrica, yet a powerful one with enabling effect particularly important for new modern reactive sputtering based PVD systems.

“The PROFINET communication interface puts FloTron™ process control systems on the industrial Internet-of-Things, IoT (IIoT) doorstep, making FloTron™ systems immediately available to use in both existing industrial automation networks as well as in the new generation IIoT.” says Dr Martynas Audronis.

About Nova Fabrica Ltd.

Nova Fabrica Ltd. is a premier PVD process monitoring and control systems manufacturer conveniently located in the geographical center of the EU. Nova Fabrica’s current FloTron™ system portfolio consists of over four major FloTron™ models with multiple input and control/output channels, with light detector technologies ranging from the basic narrow band-pass filter to the most advanced high resolution CCD spectrometers for wavelength/band selection for process control and broadband plasma OES studies.