New Rotatable Magnetron MAINTENANCE, REMANUFACTURE & REPAIR service from Nova Fabrica Ltd. can half yearly expenditure on repair, service and maintenance.

Nova Fabrica Ltd. is pleased to introduce a service for EU customers allowing rotatable magnetron owners to save costs and reduce coating plant downtime. The service covers all makes and variants of rotatable end-blocks and magnetron systems.

The CEO of Nova Fabrica Ltd., Dr Martynas Audronis feels that the new service will benefit those customers who have no real viable alternatives and are now capitated to often expensive and slow turn-around times of the original equipment manufacturers.

“Whether it is an AMAT, Bekaert/Soleras, Von Ardenne, Sputtering Components (SCI), General Plasma (GPI) or another make rotatable magnetron - we can fix them! And we can do this quickly and cost effectively.” says Dr Martynas Audronis.

Rotary end-blocks and/or magnetron systems remanufactured by Nova Fabrica Ltd. are shipped back in AS NEW condition with a 12 MONTHS limited WARRANTY.

Current experience shows that an average end-block turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks and the customer can save up to 50% of the costs, as compared to similar service provided by original magnetron manufacturers.

This new service drastically lowers the out-of-pocket expenditure as well as reduces substantially coating plant downtime offering unprecedented reductions of operational and long term expenses related to rotatable magnetron deposition systems.

Nova Fabrica Ltd. offers a FLAT RATE standard service, fast quoting for non-standard services, time efficient order processing and attractive payment terms.