DC & Pulse Sputtering, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Arc Ion Plating, Cleaning & Bias, Ion Beam, OLED Heating

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Applications Features Arc suppression
DC power for sputtering Pulse-DC power Bipolar pulse-DC power
DC power for vacuum arc Power supplies for bias and ion cleaning DC power supply for ion beam
Quasi pulse power for atmospheric plasma DC power for OLED heating process Power supply line-up

EN Technologies, Inc. plasma generators and power supplies

EN Technologies, Inc. are a worldwide leader in power supply technology for plasma processes. EN Technologies supply plasma generators and power supplies, a self developed technology unique to EN, to the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display(LCD, OLED), Solar Cell, Industrial Coating (EMI, Automobile Head lamp, FCCL, Mobile phone case, Industrial Tool & Metal frame etc.) in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Europe through direct and dealer/agent sales network. EN Technologies enjoy a good reputation for products, quality and performance from major Automotive and Semiconductor customers for their production in a variety of applications. EN Technology is experiencing rapid growth, believing that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, we are trying to develop and provide Power Supply devices that meet all customers' needs.

With solid and proven product portfolio, EN Technologies Inc. offers market-leading power generation solutions and services for various applications. With our accumulated experiences in extensive local applications and engineering support, we thrive to fulfil our customers' needs with robust, reliable, and specialized products and services.