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Nova Fabrica excel where others fail to deliver. Our products provide performance and reliability in demanding 24/7 production and R&D environments, enabling superior solutions and helping to develop markets.


Custom system configurations and specifications are our daily business. The key design criteria are robustness, long operating life, minimal or no maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Nova Fabrica engineers and scientists use the most advanced design and modelling software packages, such as SolidWorks, Altium Designer, MATLAB and Simulink to create optimised solutions. 3D models of products are available for sharing with customers.


Nova Fabrica manufacture products in-house, control quality and production schedule tightly.


Nova Fabrica aspire to be your supplier of choice. We get there by providing world-class solutions and services. We strive for unrivaled product robustness, superiority and safety in order to create value for you and exceed your expectations.

We achieve goals ethically in an environment of mutual trust and respect with our partners.

Quality Assurance is embedded in our processes throughout the product life cycle. Our quality management system facilitates transparency and consistency. The entire organization follows the same Quality Policy and use the same guidance, processes and procedures.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our business processes. This enables us to fulfill requirements for competitive and practical solutions that are critical to customers’ success.

We comply with and strive for formal ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. We are committed to satisfying all applicable requirements.


Nova Fabrica have a 10+ strong R&D team, a Vacuum lab and an Opto-Electronics lab. Multiple in-house built high-vacuum systems are available for performing tests and demonstrations.


Nova Fabrica focus on providing solutions that enable production yield optimisation, energy efficiency, enhanced QA and environmental friendliness through advanced processing, characterisation, monitoring, control and automation.


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